Game of thrones : Is the imp really dead?

I had been looking forward to this episode,just like all of you : the Blackwater war. And oh my what an episode!

For all those who have not seen this one as of yet, go ahead, download the HD version, switch on the projector, but do not bother for the popcorn. There is too much blood and sickness. Tyrion out does himself. Cersee is sick to the core. The hound turns out to be …i should not use the c word…i will use the d word…a deserter. To Sansa are told horrible facts, and the little dove acts like a little dove.

The battle is spectacular. Perfect ten for the blowing of the ships and Stannis’s : there is only one ship. Stannis is brave too, more brave than Geoffery, the stupid stupid coward lad. Sansa says it better : oh he will come back(from the war), the worst ones always do. There is enough blood and gore intertwined with enough courage and instigation. Tyrion’s oratory skills could have given Hilter a run for his power.

The sickest part is the tales your grace, the queen tells Sansa. And how she plots to kill her little boy,sitting beautifully in the Iron Throne, telling him the story of the lion cub and all things evil. This scene is beautifully shot.

This episode had me biting my nails. What next, what next? And it is full of surprises : both that of bravery and cowardice. And also surprisingly, this plot of this one is very different from the rest of the series. It is linear, it is the story of one place. There is no jumping of scenes : from beyond the wall, to the southern lands , to Winterfell and to where ever Khaleesi is. This episode holds for itself and speaks for itself, and most of the credit goes to the imp, who in the last scene falls to the ground, a neat cut across his face. And i am in tears, please someone , please tell me he is not really dead,is he?


Author: pecsbowen


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