Why now?

Now that it is their time, why should we feel bad? Why should we compare now, just because they are feeling good and valid given our conditions? Besides i don’t understand why have we shifted to their frame of reference and why is all that we were doing for the past few years all of a sudden wrong? And why do we feel like sore losers?

What is going on? Why is the relativity at its peak now? Why does all idealist talk : following your heart, doing what you like, seem irrelevant now? What is going on?

Very honestly, this change of paths does not make much sense. It is their time, so let it be. Why are we coming the middle of their things? It is their pay-off, let it be, why should we make claims on a share?

What were we doing all this time? We can’t seem to remember now can we? We are just being stupid. We cannot ever be happy in their world and that is the cause of our sadness, we have just moved into their world. We should let it be, we should let it go. It will be fine, trust me. We have talent, we don’t have to be scared.

Author: pecsbowen


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