Dilli Nights

Seven years in delhi and yes, i am in love with it. Four years of those seven in college and my affair with the city is at its passionate peak. Previous lovers have spoken of her coldness and unbearable heat. They have spoken of her mood swings and power plays. They have put up with the dryness and the procrastination and have even made allowance for the slow progress. New as my affair is, I have simply, to quote a former lover, “fallen flat for her”. But one should not wash their dirty linen in public, and so let me hide the red stains under the pillow.

A few days back, i took my affair on the road. And boy oh boy! Delhi roads and delhi drivers. Its like fast and furious with frequent brakes. Its like road rash on a motocross track.Its need for speed in midtown madness. Its loud, its brash, its sudden, and yes it certainly is “tere baap ka road hai kya???“.

Delhi as such, is a well planned city, or so the administration would love to claim about the capital of the country. The misplaced dividers, the invisible signals, the “mere baap ke” u-turns, the motocross mud roads; forget the potholes, open man-holes, vendors, shops, beggars, public urinals, and the on-the-road premium parking spaces; are all, certainly the part of the oriental package for the phiraangs, and for the desis, they are as indigenous as the now famous brashness of the delhites.

All delhi drivers know and it is a fact, if you can drive, sorry, survive on the fast lanes of delhi, you have proven yourself as a driver. The license test is a fraud, the real test of the man is on the road. And once the ordeal becomes a part of your daily, it transforms you. Once you are on the road, you are ON THE ROAD!!!

Much has been written about the restless nature of delhi drivers, the “mere baap ka road hai” belief, the mouthing of profanities, the ogling at female drivers( and anything slightly feminine), the sadistic pleasure on jumping a red-light, the immense pleasure of honking irritably, the constant rolling down of the window and shouting beh…… . Much has been written before, and a lot more will be written here after.

But we were talking about my affair. It really wasn’t much. A drunk night, out with friends with daaru under the seats, the NFS style bounty jumping of a police- check and the speed-racing with the others along our baap ke road.

Much really has not been written about delhi-night-roads

Author: pecsbowen


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