Most Read Articles

 Below are a list of most googled, most hit and most liked articles and also a few I would like you to read-

Widely read stories

  1. The old man with his old woman
  2. The street side storyteller
  3. The little boy who wanted to fly

Hero Dairies, in third person

  1. Thor – Brothers on Moon
  2. Harry Potter – The boy who was born in a book

Experimental Sections 

  1. Borderline Human Tales
  2. Teeny Tiny Stories
  3. Verse

Poetry Analysis 

    1. I dwell in Possibility, Emily Dickinson
    2. I taste a liquor never brewed, Emily Dickinson
    3. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening, Robert Frost 
    4. The Way, Rae
    5. It isn’t for the want, Cid Corman
    6. Foreclosure, Lorine Niedecker

Guilty as charged

  1. How to make your woman crazy about you
  2. 7 promises every man should make to his woman